The excitement leading up to Saturday was pretty intense.  It was the second time being asked to be the official photog for the Griffin’s since I started shooting this season - both an honor, and an adrenaline rush, if you will, to know that an organization likes your stuff enough, and trusts you enough to capture the moments that will give those seeking the game recap the visual of what happened that night.

JL 2363 300x200 Between the Benches   Griffins vs Rivermen

Couple this evening with fan-choice Tatar bobble head night, and a potential playoff berth, you had yourself a pretty big crowd with hopes of a BIG night - the Griffins didn’t let them down, even with ultimately taking the loss in OT.

Not long after the game got underway, I started thinking to myself that we were going to come away with a handful or more of broken noses.  Left and right guys were thrown into the boards, a few of which were slow to get up off the ice, and then two of those needing the attention of their respective JL Apr13 08 300x200 Between the Benches   Griffins vs Rivermen

team’s trainers.  Toward the end of the scoreless first we were granted the opportunity to see a rare #9 Frances Pare battle of the fists against the Peoria Rivermens’s #16 JL Apr13 28 300x200 Between the Benches   Griffins vs Rivermen

Bruton.  Pare dropped the gloves because Bruton executed a nasty hit on teammate, Nathan Paetsch.  Pare left the ice and spent the remaining seconds of the first in the Griffins’ dressing room.

The hits and aggravation on both sides continued to escalate in intensity as the game continued into the start of the second period as the Griffins had much riding on this game.  Less than a minute in, Peoria notched one past Mrazek to take the lead.  A few minutes later, once the Pare/Bruton fighting penalties expired, both were face to face once again on the ice.  This time, teammate Brennan Evans stepped in to fight Bruton.  Evans and Bruton went round and round, firing up the crowd.  Needless to say, Bruton got his ass kicked – he skated off the ice, blood dripping from his face.  This time, tempers were flaring on both benches.  Words were exchanged from player to player, players to coaches, coaches to coaches and vice versa.  This was a first for me, ending up directly between a

JL 2633 200x300 Between the Benches   Griffins vs Rivermen  JL 2629 200x300 Between the Benches   Griffins vs Rivermen

coaches’ spat.  Something about interference, something about ass kicking, something-something, perhaps a “Lift: Do you do it?!” type in there to boot.  To say that both teams were heated less than half way through the 2nd would be a complete and utter understatement.  This would be a good thing though, because Landon Ferraro would go on to score TWO goals in 20 seconds to give the Griffins the lead.  Soon after his second, teammate, Mitch Callahan was shoving back and forth with the Rivermen’s Della Rovere.  A shoving match that escalated after the ensuing faceoff, when

JL Apr13 50 200x300 Between the Benches   Griffins vs Rivermen
they decided to square off.  These two were pretty well matched, Callahan managed to land a few good hits before being sent to the penalty box.  It might (or might not – remember, I’m writing you’re not :o) ) be worth mentioning that Callahan joined Evans in the box where I’m sure good times were had by all.  Later in the period, Peoria’s Lajunen tied up the score with a rebound on Mrazek.

JL Apr13 65 300x200 Between the Benches   Griffins vs Rivermen

Into the third, Pare managed to exact his revenge, and complete his Gordie Howe Hat Trick by scoring a goal against Peoria’s netminder McKenna.  With less than four minutes to play, Griffins were forced to fight off a delay of game penalty, then had a pile up at the net resulting in a Peoria goal by Chorney, due to refs not blowing their whistles.

Overtime didn’t last long, unfortunately.  Griffin’s Tatar attempted to take the puck through neutral ice, but was tripped up and lost it just inside the Peoria zone.  This gave the Rivermen’s Hakanpaa an opening and the opportunity to take the puck up the right side and sneak one past Mrazek for the win.

While I’m saddened by the loss, I am proud of the many victories from this night.  The Griffins did a great job dropping the gloves, Pare with his Gordie Howe Hat Trick, and of course learning that the Griffs secured their first Calder Cup Playoffs berth since 2009, despite the loss.

Disclaimer: I don’t typically analyze or verbally recap games.  I’m not the best at telling/retelling stories – it’s a sad fact, but it’s also the reason why I carry a camera.

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Happy news to report!

October 3, 2012

I have some awesome news!

I recieved word that a photo of a little boy, by the name of Gab,e that I entered has earned “People’s Choice” & 3rd Place in the September, “Strike a Pose!” photo contest through Midwest Photo Exchange! Thank you to everyone who helped us to win by voting during the open vote period, and a very special thank you to Gabe for striking this pose!

Check our Gabe’s awesomeness here:

Further infomation about Gabe:
You wouldn’t know it from this winning photo, but this young man has been facing an uphill battle most of his life.  He has a rare, mysterious blood disorder that requires him to have blood transfusions every so many weeks(Gabe’s had more than 60 now), along with a regimen of medications that don’t always make him feel better.  To complicate things, early in 2011 he was diagnosed as having a malformation of his brain, known as Chiari Malformation.  This condition causes fluid to build on the spine and could eventually cause him to ultimately lose feeling in his legs, bladder control, etc.  Gabe has also come to experience mysterious fevers that come at random and put him even more often in the hospital.  From what I understand, these problems are, at leasat for the most part, completely unrelated.  If you find you have time, I ask you might spot a second to say a prayer for this little boy and his family to find peace, and that his doctors are able to determine a better way of treatment, if not ultimately a cure.
For updates on Gabe’s progress & treatment, you can visit his journal here:

Thank you for reading, for your time, for your comments if you’ve left one, and for stopping in.



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Funky Ferndale is a wrap!

September 17, 2012

ArtShowJL 300x225 Funky Ferndale is a wrap!

THANK YOU so much to everyone who came out to the show and supported me, as well as those who took business cards to get in contact at a later date. MANY, MANY thanks to all of you, YOU made the show FUN and WORTH all the time spent! ♥ I look forward to working with you!

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FFAF Here I Come!!

September 13, 2012

Hello again!

As many of you know, this will be my second year I will be an artist vendor at the Funky Ferndale Art Fair in Ferndale, MI. I am very much looking forward to this year as I have several new pieces I will be bringing with me! A number of both BIG and small pieces – from 40″ x 30″ down to 4″ x 6″. I am very excited to see everyone and also scared to death, as I always have a fear of what others think of my work(yikes – but who wouldn’t??).
Unfortunately, I am out of time for typing for now, but I hope to see you this weekend in Downtown Ferndale – You won’t want to miss it!

Friday, Sept. 14– 4pm – 9pm

Saturday, Sept. 15– 10am -9pm

Sunday, Sept. 16 Noon- 5pm

Until next time…


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New site on the way!

September 8, 2011

Oh hello there!

Welcome to the new site. I am in the process of working out the kinks and getting everything more to my own liking, and hopefully yours as well.
I am excited about this new format as it will allow me to post updates more frequently and publish new content that would normally only come once in a great while. If you see something you think I might be missing, feel free to hit the contact button up on top of the website layout to let me know.

Until next time…


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